Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cav's Win the Lottery Now What?

The order of the NBA Draft is..
1. Cleveland (from L.A. Clippers)
2. Minnesota
3. Utah (from New Jersey)
4. Cleveland
5. Toronto
6. Washington
7. Sacramento
8. Detroit
9. Charlotte
10. Milwaukee
11. Golden State
12. Utah
13. Phoenix
14. Houston

But this probably means that the Cavs are going to pick Kyrie Irving from Duke. He's the best player in this draft and will give the Cavs a great start at PG, and with the 4th pick they will have an outside chance to get Derrick Williams from Arizona or Enes Kanter from Kentucky/ Turkey. Williams is a talent we saw in the tournament that can definitely help any team out from the SF position and Kanter took the year off because he was ineligible at Kentucky but he's a big tough PF who can rebound and play smart in the paint. Either way Kyrie matched up with any of those guys would be a good start.

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