Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Celtics' Options In NBA Draft

The mock drafts are starting to go around, and even though I think this is a pretty weak draft I thought it might be interesting to see who the Celtics could target in the draft. Before we start I want you to know where my heads at in terms of what will happen this offseason.

- Jeff Green will be back
- Big Baby will be gone
- Jermaine O'Neal will be back (too much money)
- Shaq will be back (because he's Shaq)
- Ray Allen will pick up his option (obviously)

We will obviously do more of these lists as the draft gets closer, but here is a couple guys to keep an eye on.

Nikola Vucevic, C USC

Even if Shaq and Jermaine comeback the Celtics have to address their issues at center. That's why you will mostly see big men that I think the Celtics will go after. Vucevic is currently who Chard Ford has the Celtics taking, and I think it would be a steal. He is huge (7 feet and a 7-5 wing span), and he really played well in his last year at USC (17.1 ppg 10.3 rebs). The negatives is that he isn't all that quick, but I think his length and post moves make him worth this pick.

Markieff Morris, C/PF Kansas

I don't think he will fall, but Celticblog pointed him out, so I figured I'd add him to the list. The guy rebounds well (13.6 rebs), and is known as a great defender. He could be a great fill in for Big Baby off the bench. He does lack size (6-9), but like I said he would basically take Big Baby's spot.

Jordan Williams, PF Maryland

He is only 6-9, but he was extremely productive at Maryland last year (16.9 ppg, 11.8 Rebs). He has had conditioning issues in the past, but if motivated could be a beast underneath. He is not a great shooter, but the Celtics could use a banger underneath, since KG for the most part refuses to.

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