Thursday, May 19, 2011

China will not compete US over Military strength - says Chinese general

A top Chinese general has said that his country has no plan to compete US military power.

Gen Chen Bingde said, in Washington, American armed forces remained far highly developed than China's in spite of a significant improvement by China in the current years.
However Gen Chen notified that more US arms trades to Taiwan could hurt US-China military relations. China respects Taiwan as part of its region. It has determined to use power against the island if it ever officially required liberty.
Gen Chen, chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army, said at the National Defense University during his one week-lengthy call to the US "China never aims to confront the US.
 Despite China's defense and military growth has come a long way in present years, a huge gap between you and us remains. But Gen Chen informed that US-Chinese association would ruin if Washington once more sold weapons to Taiwan.
As to how bad the contact will be, it will depend on the chemistry of the equipments sold to Taiwan," he said. Last year, China disconnected various military-to-military relations with the US after Washington declared more than $6bn equipments sales to Taipei.
Gen Chen's visit to the US has drawn a stable favorable media in China - a gesture of the value that the Chinese officials are now inserting on healthy military ties.
 But there should be no false impression, as apparent understanding unavoidably masks major basic tensions.
The objective of China's boost up military modernization, he adds, is to enlarge its military reach well beyond its own sea boards and to potentially deactivate weapons systems where the US has a leading benefit.

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