Friday, May 20, 2011

Consider It Message Sent Mr. Westbrook

Russell Westbrook did not play in the fourth quarter of Game 2 on Thursday as head coach Scott Brooks played Kevin Durant and other reserves, including point guard Eric Maynor.

Westbrook stated again that he was fine and that he won't complain as long as the team won the game.

"Not when we're winning," Westbrook said. "I'm good. I'm just sitting there just waiting to get my name called."

While some may think this was a big deal, Brooks says his decision to sit Westbrook in the last quarter should not be taken that way.

"I had that decision [whether or not to bring Westbrook back] for the last six or so minutes, but I thought ... we were increasing the lead. We were making shots. I didn't want to mess with the rhythm. I usually will sub him in. Very rarely have I ever done that since Russell has been here (ESPN)."

This has been a long time coming. I saw a stat the other day that Westbrook is shooting 10 more shots a game since the playoffs start. He is the reason they have lost a couple of games in the playoffs. Don't get me wrong I don't think they go very far without him, but this is a much better team when he actually plays point guard. He needs to realize that Durant is the star of this team, not him, he needs to set the table and drive to the basket when it's open. Hopefully, this will get through his thick head, and actually I think it will.

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