Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Details On Britney's New Video For "I Wanna Go"

Below is the rumored concept for I Wanna Go the next video from Britney Spears.


The video will open with a mock press conference, and the paparazzi will ask Britney inappropriate questions. The singer curses them out and storms off, before later discovering that they’re all robots. “It seems like Britney is hung up on the press, which is ironic because for the most part they seem to be leaving her alone,” our source continued.

Britney will play out fantasies in her head, which include making out with a fan, flashing a cop, and getting frisky with a hot star! Although we’re not quite sure who her main man will be, our source tells us they’ve already reached out to Matthew McConaughey and Kellan Lutz.

The handsome actor will show up and save Britney from the paparazzi, before they hook up in the backseat of a car, where she discovers he’s a robot too!

The video ends back at the press conference, where you discover that Britney was just daydreaming. She then walks off with the actor, who turns around and smiles at the camera, his eyes glaring just like those of the robot paparazzi.

Britney is going to definitely look sexy, but in an edgy way - expect to see the star in combat boots, and a studded, punk-rock get-up at the press conference. “Diesel has signed on as a sponsor, and practically all the costs are being covered by sponsorships, priced around $300,000,” our source said. This isn’t surprising, especially since Britney’s previous video, Hold It Against Me, was full of product placement.

Britney tweeted the following after a long day in the set: 

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