Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IMF not to pay Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s bills for notorious hotel stay


IMF gives for all business-associated hotel invoices for its head, but current Dominique Strauss-Kahn's keep on in a lavishness suite of Sofitel here does not be eligible for any such compensation. 

It was during his stay at this Sofitel hotel that Kahn, who was chosen as managing director in 2007 having a remuneration in surfeit of US$5, 00,000 annually, was charged of spoiling in sexual attack on a chambermaid. 

According to the job requirement, IMF pays all the hotel expenditures acquired by Kahn for his "journey in the interest of the Fund". Nevertheless, after his notorious hotel stay here, IMF simplified that he was staying there on a secret business and Sofitel was as such not on the permitted list of hotels for stay of the Fund's personals.  The detailed facts for the room rate of Kahn's Sofitel hotel stay differs between US$500 to $3,000 per nighttime, but the utmost allowable hotel rate for IMF's personals in New York is much lower at $386 a night. 

According to IMF statement, presently, the utmost hotel fare in New York for personals on executive business is $386 a night, counting tax and service charges. Stories from the French media have hooked the fare of the lavishness suite where Kahn was staying at $3,000 per night, even as some US statements put the fare at only $525 per night. Sofitel's website brings up its numerous room fares within US$251 to395 per night.

"The Sofitel is not on the catalogue of New York hotels, which are commonly regular business hotels," IMF said. 

The Washington-founded polygonal financial organization said that Kahn was staying in New York on secret business and "by itself, he gives out of his own pocket for hotels". 

"IMF personals have obvious regulations for where they may stay and how much they may give on representative journey, with an conventional network of ideal hotels and set fares, discussed centrally," it added. 

In 2007, Kahn was appointed IMF head for a tenure of five years, but the conditions of his appointment included a section, as per which his period can be ended anytime. 

Presently, he was paid a wage of $420,930 per year and grants totaling to $75,350 per year, both net of taxes and entitled for inflation-associated climb every year. 

Besides, he was undertaken compensation for "sensible expenditures generally earned for amusement directly related to the business of the Fund" and also all his business-linked hotel costs and visits and hotel expenditures of his wife in definite cases. Also, he was given numerous retirement-associated advantages.

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