Monday, May 23, 2011

Joakim Noah's Pockets Will Be A Little Lighter

During the Heat/ Bulls last night Joakim Noah got a little testy and called a fan a "fucking Faggot" well you can read his lips.

A couple thoughts on this. 1. I think they should fine him 100,000 the same amount as Kobe Bryant. 2. Noah has to know better than this. You're in the Eastern Conference Semis, all camera's are going to be on you, not only should you be mature enough to ignore the fan, you have to be mature enough not to respond.

I do however believe this is going to be overblown because when someone uses the word "faggot" it gets overblown for being insensitive. For right now, I know the word is inexcusable to use at all and especially in public places, however the writing is on the wall and the word is going to be desensitized.

For example the word retard was the same thing, and then when LeBron uses, "that's retarded" during a press conference, it's no big deal or when someone calls someone says they are cancer, it's no big deal. I feel the word "faggot" now is so mainstream and such a common schoolyard name people don't even know what the hate meaning is anymore. Even though ignorance may not be the best defense to use a hateful word, it kinda has to be.

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