Friday, May 20, 2011

Kareem Abdul-JaBitch

"Hall of Fame center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar elaborated on his fractured relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers, saying Thursday he's been mistreated and the franchise no longer appreciates him.

During an in-studio interview with ESPN's "Mike & Mike in the Morning," Abdul-Jabbar explained and then expanded on his comments made to The Sporting News this week in which he said he felt "slighted" that the Lakers have not erected a statue of him outside Staples Center (ESPN)."

Are you kidding me? He should get a statue, but who the fuck complains about a statue of themselves not being built? Seriously, that's fucking lame.

There is no reason they aren't building one, but the Lakers have even come out and said that he is next in line to get one. The two other guys have already got them deserved them (Magic, West).

When West got one he said he felt embarrassed. Magic was very gracious and said that Kareem deserved one before him. Where the fucking humility Kareem? And what are you complaining about when they already said they are going to build one of you? You pissed because you need to see it now?

The best part of Bill Russell getting one is that he didn't want one. It wasn't for him, but what he stood for and what he meant to the city. Kareem just doesn't get it. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, and bitching about just makes the case you shouldn't get one.

Fuck him, for now on he will be known as Kareem Abdul-JaBitch.

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