Friday, May 20, 2011

Lance Armstrong utilized drugs, alleges ex-team-companion

Cyclist Lance Armstrong’s ex- team friend has alleged the seven-time Tour de France champion used the performance-boosting drug EPO.
Tyler Hamilton traveled with Armstrong in the American Postal team and says they both used EPO throughout the 1999 Tour.
Armstrong, who has always rejected the various such charges made against him, said on his Twitter page: "not at all a futile check. I rest my case."
Hamilton, 40, served a two-year disallow for supposed blood-doping from 2005-2007.
I saw EPO in his refrigerator, I saw him inject it in excess of one time," Hamilton told the CBS program 60 Minutes, like we all did. Like I did lots of times."
Mark Fabiani, Armstrong's spokesman said, "Hamilton is dynamically looking for making money by writing a book, and now he has fully changed the tale he has always told before so that he could obtain himself on '60 Minutes' and enhance his opportunities with publishers.
But voracity and a hunger for media hype cannot alter the reality: Lance Armstrong is the most examined athlete in the history of sports. He has approved at least 500 tests over 20 years of competition."
Blames of the use of prohibited stuffs by members of the US Postal team are still the issue of a centralized inquiry in the United States.
Hamilton, a Gold Medalist in cycling from the 2004 Athens Games, is the current in a list of ex-team-mates and friends to blames Armstrong of deceiving.
In 2010, Floyd Landis initiated a series of derogating charges against Armstrong, with whom he rode in the US Postal team for many years, alleging he had used prohibited stuffs in entire his career.
Landis won the 2006 Tour de France but was later exposed of his title after a trial he gave following a stage succeed tested positive. He agitated his virtuousness until 2010 but then disclosed to orderly doping.
Armstrong succeeded the Tour de France for seven uninterrupted years from 1999-2005. He left following the last of those victories.
The Texan come back to ride in the 2009 race and ended in a laudable third position. He contented in it again in 2010 but could only run 23rd while he supported his Radio-Shack team succeed the team competition.

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