Friday, May 20, 2011

Please, Not The Millwood Road (UPDATED)

One veteran under consideration, a major-league source indicated Wednesday night, is righthander Kevin Millwood. The Sox were said to be inquiring whether Millwood would be willing to first pitch in Pawtucket, giving the Red Sox a chance to evaluate him further.

Peter Gammons of NESN was the first to report the team's interest in Millwood.

I know we lost 2 pitchers but lets not do this to ourselves. We were laughing at the Yankees when they did this, lets not put ourselves in the same position. Kevin Millwood sucks, last year he was a whopping 4-16 with a 5.10 ERA. I'm fine with Wake and Aceves at the back end of our rotation until Lackey and Dice come back. Or if we are to get a pitcher lets acquire a good one or decent one like one of the White Sox guys or fuck it trade our farm for Felix. Yea, I'm going fantasy baseball, lets trade the rest of our farm system for Felix. Anything but Millwood.


Sorry DP, it's Millwood time, as the Red Sox signed Kevin Millwood. They also signed lefty Franklin Morales from Colorado and designated Hideki Okajima for assignment. We all know Millwood sucks. He throws like 85 MPH, so I'm not going to waste my breathe. Morales isn't anything special either, but the Sox needed a lefty and Okajima is all wasted up. Morales is just 25, but he has trouble with his control at times. Last year though he was able to hold lefties to a .171 batting average, so hopefully he can have some value.

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