Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rafael Soriano Hits The DL

"Soriano landed on the disabled list Tuesday and is expected to miss at least another two weeks, reports Ben Shpigel of the New York Times. Soriano didn't help matters by blaming the offense, and the not the bullpen, for the team's recent slide (ESPN)."

HAHAHA, I feel like I could write a negative story about the Yankees everyday. Jeter is blowing up, Posada is being a little bitch, A-Rod seems to be on the decline, and Soiano looks like a complete bust. You should never call out any one part of your team. You can't be a pitcher and say the offense is costing you game. Rumor is that Soriano is the most hated person in the locker room, and on top of that he hasn't pitched well all year....Not a good combo. All of this just makes Cashman look smarter, since he was the one who was pissed that they were giving up a 1st round pick in this year's draft to sign this assclown.

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