Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Sox Catching Situation Fixed?

So much has been made of the Red Sox catching situation. It seemed almost certain the Red Sox were going to have to go out and sign another catcher. Tek was batting like .097 and Salty wasn't doing much either. So, we were just waiting for the Sox to sign Molina, or I-Rod, but suddenly the catching situation doesn't look so bad (winning helps).

Over the past two weeks, Saltalamacchia has hit .292 with an .820 OPS, while Varitek is hitting .292 himself in May. Sure, that's a small sample, but if Salty can keep hitting then everything will be fine. I have actually really like the way he has been swinging the bat, and he just looks more confident at the plate.

Am I sold? No, far from it, but I at least feel a bit of hope.

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