Friday, May 20, 2011

Several Hotels take “bath” beyond the Hotel bathrooms

Would like to take a lengthy hot bath the next time you are on the road? Good luck locating a tub.

Bathtubs are vanishing away from several hotels across the America, leaving the way of a strike on the pillow, as series use the freed-up space to fit always more comfortable showers.
Holiday Inn has disappeared from almost 95% of its recently constructed hotels having tubs ten years old to only 55% of new arrangements marking them now. Marriott charts for 75% of the sequence's rooms to have showers only. And Hotel Indigo a 6-year-old expensive series never had tubs, apart from possibly in suites.

The cause for the phase-out: Business tourists don't have time for a long bath, and various visitors merely desire showers, hotel authorities say.

"The majority of business people are on hurry and take an instant shower," says Bill Barrie, senior vice president of design and project management for Marriott, who says the industry has been transferring from tubs to showers more than the last three to five years. "There is no time for baths."

"Further," Barrie says, "the shower practice now can be pretty theatrical."

Marriott is & without frames glass shower enclosures and switching to doors that skate outerside the bathroom wall to make more space. Holiday Inn bids Bath & Body Works products, bent shower rods and blinds that let in more light. Hotel Indigo advertize its glass doors and handheld shower heads.

"Surely when you do a glass-enclosed shower vs. a usual shower tub mixture… you'll experience you're in a more airy environment," says Mary Dogan, Hotel Indigo's director of brand management in the US. Showers also create bathrooms appearance more neat and clean and modern, she says. "Our clients like or praise the spa-motivated walk-in showers."

At rest, some hotels desire to give a bit of both. Embassy sets found in a 2008 survey that a greater part of travelers take a shower sooner than a bath when on the road for work, but a tub or bath/shower grouping is the first alternative for holidays, particularly when visiting with young children. 

Thus there are tubs in the suites with two queen-size beds, which are trendy with families, while the "King Suites," frequently used by business class, attribute walk-in showers, says John Lee vice president of brand marketing at Embassy Suites Hotels.


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