Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sneak Peek of "Hair" cover!

Around 9:30 AM this morning, Lady Gaga tweeted "Are u ready monsters?! Let's trend !" Within the hour, Little Monsters around the world were able to get "#HairSingleCover" to becoming the #1 trending topic in the world. Along with a confession, and the performance of Judas & Born This Way @ the Graham Norton Center, Lady Gaga showed us this pic of the album cover! Stay Tuned on Monday, May 16,th 2011 Lady Gaga will be releasing the promotional single "Hair", and Tuesday May 17th 2011, she will be releasing "Edge of Glory" as the official 3rd single from the "Born This Way" album. Below is the confession, with the performances!!!
                                                                   Thoughts? :)

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