Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who To Root For In The NBA Final 4

The Celtics are out, and I have finally come to terms with it. Last night, DP and I were talking about who to root for the rest of the way. There was one obvious answer and that was "anyone but the Heat". That kind of went without saying, but which team would you actually want to see win it all?

Mavericks - Gotta love Dirk and he deserves to finally win it all. He is playing unreal. Plus, they have some local talent in Jose Juan Barea (Northeastern), so I guess that is something Boston can rally around. I have always been a fan of Peja Stojakovic, Jason Terry, and Brendan Haywood. Only real negative is Jason Kidd, who I just flat out don't like.

Thunder - Well we got the Perkins connection, they are young, they are flashy, and they have a certain "cool" factor. Looking through their roster there isn't one player I can say I hate. The only negative is that we are probably going to see them for the next 5 years.

Bulls - MVP of the league, but when your team has 2 Duke players in the starting lineup it's tough to root for them. Obviously want them to crush the Heat, but I can't say I want them to win it all.

Heat - Kill yourself.

So, after much talk DP and I decided we are rooting for the Mavericks. Cuban is the man, and you know it would drive Stern crazy. Like I said before Dirk deserves this, and thus I am rooting for them the rest of the way.

Who you got and why?

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