Thursday, June 23, 2011

2013 Chevrolet Corvette?

Before the test, said that the C7 Corvette 2013 model approach readers have not yet reached the production stage. In fact, the model 2012 has not yet reached showrooms. So why the debate on the 2013 model? That’s because GM plans to start production in April 2012. And the buyers who want to buy a Corvette C7 this year can expect to see bits and address of the current model. Here are some details on the C7 Corvette 2013.

Athletes Corvette is very old and traditional there all the time. And why is that GM has announced that new models will Stingray concept. It would be completely wrong statement that the car’s performance will be bad. Amendments added that GM is in the eye, 2013 Corvette C6 C7 comparable model. What can you expect from C7 Corvette 2013? First, they are independent suspension, similar to C6. Then there’s a gun in every street corner. The cons of GM decided to withdraw the traditional driving the car with an electric motor that is able to provide the rest. In addition, a machine for four-wheel ABS brakes again, with several previous models. Other features of the car, Active Handling System, Magnetic Selective Ride Control and Launch Control.

In addition, GM has decided to correct mistakes and improve the interior of the C6. This is due to reveal our sources, the car, I decided to update the entry of the cabin. They should also be significant changes in door panels of banks’ and trim. However, there are things that are equipped with comfort and convenience in the Corvette C6 C7 which took place in 2013.

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