Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck Whitey

As we all know, notorious South Boston gangster Whitey Bulger was apprehended in California Wednesday night. And I'd like to take the chance to clarify some misinformation about the Irish mobster.

Firstly, The Departed was not based on Whitey. I know, us here in Boston like to think that the world revolves around us. Believe it or not, people from outside 495 have generated ideas. The Departed's story was based on a movie called Infernal Affairs, which was made in Hong Kong in 2002. The whole idea of an undercover cop and an undercover mob guy is from that movie. Even key scenes are taken from that movie. The near identification at a cinema, the rooftop confrontation between gangsters and a police Captain. Only the character Frank in The Departed is loosely based on Whitey (his Irishness, sexual proclivity, and being an informant). That's it.

And that's another thing. Whitey was a fucking rat! I understand the whole glorification of criminals and outlaws, that's been going on from Robin Hood to Billy the Kid. But Whitey was an FBI informant for decades. He's no heroic criminal. He's a snitch.

He's also a perv. He and his buddies would round up the daughters of the poor in South Boston, and fuck them. These girls were 15, 14, 13, 12 years old. Whitey called them "tasty little morsels."

This guy's no hero. He's a scumbag. I wish torture were a legal form of punishment. It's a shame that he's been able to live an 81 year life in luxury, protected by moronic cronies from Southie who love him because he's a neighborhood Irishmen who did well in a criminal underworld dominated by other ethnicities. It's bad enough he's been able to evade punishment for so long. We don't need to be making him an immortal legend, a part of Boston lore. He was a pedophile and a rat. I hope he gets sodomized by a shillelagh.

-The Commodore

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