Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guess Krstic Is Not Coming Back

Nenad Krstic has signed a two-year contract with Russian power CSKA Moscow. Krstic played in Russia between NBA stops in New Jersey and Oklahoma City, but this is still shocking. The Celtics were said to have interest in bringing him back, and to be honest I was kind of a fan of that. Furthermore I would think there would be at least a handful of team that would've been interested in Krstic. Russia must have just been offering a lot more money, or maybe he could've been worried about the (what seems to be the inevitable) lockout.

With Krstic gone the Celtics have lost Shaq, most likely Baby, and Krstic making me think even more that they are going to need to go out and find more big men either through the draft or free agency.

Goodbye Krstic, I will miss you and your awkward combover.

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