Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Horton Out For Rest Of Finals (UPDATED)

The Bruins announced Tuesday morning that first-line right wing Nathan Horton is out for the remainder of the Stanley Cup finals due to a severe concussion. It was pretty obvious the second he hit the ice that he was going to be out for the rest of this series. Horton is a key part of the Bruins offense. Last night when I saw the hit I thought "fuck, that's it the Bruins are toast". This morning I feel a bit different. Once Horton went down the Bruins got some life. The lines were played with a bit, and this team seems to be out for blood. The question now is how long this energy boost will last.

It was a dirty hit, and they had a hearing at 11am today with the NHL. We will let you know when we hear the punishment for Rome.

With Horton out Seguin should be back on the active roster.


Allen Rome is suspended gets a 4 game suspension, which is the rest of the Finals and is exactly what he should get for the dirty hit the NHL is trying to get rid of.

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