Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hypnotist, David Days numbed in Dorset show

Three people were left hypnotized on stage when a hypnotist banged himself out during a show in Dorset.

David Days was performing on stage at Portland's Royal Manor Theatre on Friday when he tripped over a contestant's leg.

His team could not rouse him and the viewers were requested to go away as the people were still "sleeping" on stage.
They were "woken up" later on when Mr. Days recovered. His manager said the artist has a voice recording which can be utilized to bring people round.
Mr. Days, who has hypnotized participants of the pop band Blue on television, did not necessitate hospital treatment, his manager Tara Nix said.
She added: "He was out for a minute as and that is why we requested the participants to leave.
Three people were left on stage but we for all the time have a backing tape and a back-up hypnotist to step in if required.
Fortunately, it was not so lengthy until he recovered and he and the visitors are okay.
To be frank I consider this is the unique it has ever occurred to a hypnotist."
Viewer’s member Fiona Faye said: "He was dragged from stage and there was weight of commotion from a number of people backstage as well as one man who ran to the other side of the stage to obtain a first aid kit.
At first the viewers, as well as us, set up it very humorous and consider it was part of the act, but as time went on we start to understand that it was not part of the show and he had in fact injure himself.
On this stage we become very afraid not only for David Days but also the callers that were onstage unconscious to something as they were still hypnotized.
They simply just sat there 'sleeping’.


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