Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Want to Watch the NBA Finals, But...

I don't like LeBron James. I hate him. I have no opinion of the Mavs, but they might be my 3rd favorite team in all of sports at the moment. I never liked James, his "Decision" made me like him less, and now LeBron ball-washers like Michael Wilbon portray him as a victim so I hate him even more. If you don't want media scrutiny, don't produce your own TV shows.

So I've been trying to watch the NBA Finals, rooting against the Heat. And they've been great games. But the endless commercials make it impossible for me to watch more than a minute at a time. And why do these teams need 6 timeouts each? It's so boring. Regular timeouts, TV timeouts, then ABC turns a 20 second timeout into a 30 second timeout with a commercial, then the players need 10 more seconds to get set for the play.

The most exciting 2 minutes of the game take 12 minutes to unfold. That doesn't build excitement, it's just annoying.

I can occasionally like watching basketball, especially the final minutes of a close playoff game. I don't like commercials, I don't like watching basketball players stand around and do nothing. It's just aggravating. And you know what else is boring? Free throws. I can't think of much outside of baseball that's more uninteresting than a free throw.

Get rid of the timeouts, get rid of the 15 seconds it takes to line up a free throw, and reduce the commercials. Also play the game on ice and allow contact.

-The Commodore

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