Thursday, June 23, 2011

JK Rowling makes public Pottermore website

JK Rowling has written wide ranging fresh stuffs which will be made obtainable to Harry Potter fans online in an interactive experience that will take them on their hold private trip through the favorite books.

Pottermore will offer a fresh set of material about the characters, positions and aims so famous to JK Rowling's loyal fanbase. The writer said the plan had allowed her to give something back to booklovers by allowing them to create their own experience about the stories. Pronouncing the open of the Pottermore website today, she said: "I liked to give something back to the supporters that have followed Harry so loyally over the years.

"Pottermore is a way for the imaginary to live on and a way for me to be inspired on a platform that did not exist when I begin writing the books." Rowling stressed that she was eager to encourage the literary observances and promote reading above all else. The plan will start in October but one million fans are being existed the opportunity to form the development of the website during the summer. From today, readers can register for the online competition and those chosen will obtain early access to the site on July 31, Harry Potter's birthday.

The keenly estimated project will permit readers to shape their own experience by replying questions, being sorted into their own house at Hogwarts and picking up new information and realities along the way. There are chances for fans to play games, add comments and drawings, mix potions and interact with other characters as they move through each story. Their profiles increase as they progress.

The material has been cautiously edited to prevent spoilers as contestants make their way through each "moment" or knowledge. Rowling said she had in excess half of the fresh material in note form and had exactly dug it out of boxes. The rest, she has written particularly for the plan. She further said, "I familiar that in 1988 I was making more material than would ever emerge in the books. "I recognize there was a requirement for eBooks but I desired to be more than that. I wanted to drag it back to reading, the literary knowledge, the story experience."

The writer acknowledged that she had "never wept for any person" the way she cried when she ended the Harry Potter series but persisted there would be no more books.
Rowling has developed the project with the involvement of Sony and TH_NK a digital agency.

She added: "There was no other solution to do it than to do it myself."

The Pottermore site will advertise all Harry Potter books, eBooks and audio books in numbers of languages from October. The whole series will slowly be publicized as part of the interactive project over at least two years. Such was the enthusiasm surrounding the Pottermore project that it had 85,000 followers on Twitter before somebody knew what it was. Rowling published the seventh and ultimate Harry Potter book in 2007. It sold 11 million copies on the first day alone.

The final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is released next month.

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