Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kim Kardashian stops traffic in New York (but this time it's down to her outfit and not her figure)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Neon Number: You couldn't miss Kim Kardashian in this garish ensemble in New York today

She has a body so distracting that it's almost dangerous, but Kim Kardashian stopped traffic in Manhattan today for an entirely different reason.

Admittedly, she was already walking across a pedestrian crossing, but if motorists were in any doubt about the markings, Kim's neon smock dress and purple wedges would've stopped them in their tracks.

And not in a good way, either, because the 30-year-old has misfired with the colour blocking trend, as many a celebrity seems prone to do.

Kim has made the crime of hiding her sensation curves under the unflattering dress, which though bang on the current trend for all things 70s, does nothing for her.

She looks best in the Mad Men style wardrobe of the 50s, cinched in waists, low necklines and structured bodices sizzle on the reality star.

Teaming the fluorescent tunic with frumpy purple wedges did little to improve the overall effect though they did offer the eldest Kardashian a bit of height parity with fiance Kris Humphries.

Traffic Stopping: Kris checks the traffic but there's probably no need

The Odd Couple Kim and Kris are quite a spectacle together as they stroll around Manhattan

The six-foot-nine inch NBA star towers over Kim's five-foot-two frame, and they made quite for quite a sight as they strolled around the city.

Meanwhile, back on home turf in Calabasas, California, big sister Kourtney was drawing attention to herself, albeit probably unwittingly, by standing in front of a poster for her own show.

Dressed in a low-key combination of black shorts, vest and sandals, Kourtney, 32 , was photographed in front of a hoarding promoting the latest series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Hilariously, her own face could be seen replicated directly behind her, though she was more concerned with clasping her 18-month-old son Mason, by boyfriend Scott Disick, to her hip, for her to notice.

Double Trouble: Kourtney stands in front of her own publicity still in Calabasas today, she was busy holding son Mason

Kim is of course gearing up for her big wedding, and sister Khloe believes she will turn into a 'huge bridezilla.'

The 26-year-old reality star thinks her older sister, 30, will be a nightmare.

Speaking to Life & Style, she said: 'Kim's going to be a huge bridezilla. She'll get specific with things like fabric, saying, "I can't have cotton, I want French cotton!"

'That's how crazy she is. But she's never mean about it.

'Kim knows what she wants and is going to have whatever she wants. I love that about her - I love the diva-ness.'


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