Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mark Cuban Might Be The Best Owner In Sports

Mark Cuban is loud, arrogant, and that's all right with me. I think I can sit here now and say he might be the best owner in all of sports. I will skip what we all know. Mark Cuban is in the press constantly, blasts refs, is on of the biggest owner fans ever, was on Dancing with the Stars, and says whatever the hell he wants.

Let's just skip to what he did right after the Mavericks finally won the Championship. He could've sat their and raised the trophy like we all thought he would. Instead he bring out the original owner of the Mavericks and let's him do. Then he wouldn't talk to the media, letting his players do all the talking. Now, he has come out, and said that they are doing a parade, and oh yea "it's on me". Remember a year ago when the Laker couldn't figure out how to get tax payers to pay for the parade. Well, it's because they shouldn't have to. Cuban exact quote...

"We'll do it," Cuban said early Monday morning. "All I told them was -- Terdema Ussery, our president -- you plan the parade. I'll pay for it because I don't think it's right for the city to have to pay for it. And let's just have some fun."

That's the coolest thing I have ever read, because I believe everything he is saying. He knows this doesn't happen often, he knows he has the money, and he just wants to have some fun. Then he goes on...

"I might not get rings," the Mavs' billionaire owner told NBATV. "Rings are old school. You've seen it before: There's guys who pick up the sweats and towels and they have these big, blingy rings. I'm like, 'Rings are done. It's time to take it to the next level.'"

With this guy who knows what he will do. Maybe he will get them all some championship belts. I actually guarantee they will get rings too, but I bet he does something really cool. Bottom line is why wouldn't you want to play for an owner like this? And.. Shouldn't this be how all owners act? And this is yet another reason why the MLB desperately needs to let a guy like this own a team.

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