Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mark Jackson Hired To Be Warriors Coach

The Warriors hired Jackson to replace Keith Smart on Monday, giving the former point guard and television analyst his first chance to be a head coach on the game's biggest stage.

Jackson's deal is worth $6 million over three years with a team option for a fourth year, a source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher.ESPN

Mark Jackson may not have coaching experience but his other intangibles will make up for that. I like the move by the Warriors, it is high risk, but i like when guys like Jackson finally get the nod. He's going to be flanked by New Orleans assistant Mark Malone, who did a hell of a job down in the Big Easy last year.

Jackson is actually one of the guys I can stand as an analyst who doesn't get caught up in the "cool black guy bs" that comes along with it like that scumbag Chris Broussard. Speaking of that, Chris is a fucking dipshit who knows nothing, how the fuck do you get called an "insider", ESPN acts like this guy knows shit, when all he does is just spread all these bs rumors come the deadline because he probably befriended the ball boys of the teams. This guy is such a dark spot on analyzing sports that I would prefer to take my information from a talking chimp than this scumbag. I mean seriously, has anyone ever heard him talk? He's a fucking joke and someone needs to tell him to get Lebrons cock out of his fucking mouth.


Sorry, Impromptu rant, however, I like the Jackson hiring.

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