Thursday, June 9, 2011

‘MF Husain’ Indian top most awarded 'Painter' dies aged 95

Indian most renowned artists, MF Husain, has died in London’s hospital aged 95 after years of self-imposed deport.
He had been not well for couples of months. Maqbool Fida Husain was Indian most greatly awarded and may be most contentious- painter and his work sold for millions of dollars.
His paintings of nude Hindu goddesses annoyed stickler Hindus who blamed him of obscenity. He gone from Indian state in 2006 and adopted Qatari nationality in 2010.
Mr. MF Husain has also produced two Bolly-wood movies, which both were failed at the box office. The nonconformist painter was often called the "Picasso of India" and he was equally famous amongst the whole community of Indian artists.
With flowing white hair and long beard, he was recognized to walk barefoot at social meetings.
A foremost Indian artist Anjolie Ela Menon said that Mr. MF Husain's "huge body of work is harmonized by Pablo Picasso's body of work".
Husain never aged. He holds his energy, humor and his astonishing capacity to work. He was edgy, often saying he never had a bedroom in which he slept. He was a wanderer, a gypsy," Ms Menon said.
Art critic S Kalidas said Mr. Husain was painting until two weeks before his death, and spent a "complete life".
"He could paint wherever - on the streets, in the studio. He was colorful, supple in mind and body. He was a rapid considering and quick painting man. I have never seen any one who paints so quickly," he said.
Mr. Husain's profession was marked by disagreements when he was blamed of obscenity and criticized by stickler Hindus for a painting of a nude idol.
His exhibitions were frequently assaulted by hardliner Hindu groups.
In 2006, Mr. Husain publicly expressed regrets over his painting, Mother India. It shows a nude woman kneeling on the ground making the form of the Indian map.
He also undertook to remove the controversial painting from a charity auction.
In 2008, Indian Supreme Court rejected to open criminal proceedings against Mr. Husain saying that his paintings were not obscene and nudity was usual in Indian iconography and history.

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