Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Those Silly Wolves

The Wolves had a pretty good draft, they didn't draft a pg and picked up Derrick Williams. 2 things that were really good, however, in the second round the Wolves were able to pull off a draft ineligible move. They traded with Portland to get their pick and decided to take Tanguy NGOMBO who has been playing overseas. BUT he ended up being ineligible for the draft as he is 26 years old/ 27 next month.

I know he had a fake ID, but you would think more teams would do a little bit more scouting now a days. I don't know what the penalty will be by the league or if they are going to turn their heads because it's a late 2nd round pick and who cares, but I just can't believe the lack of research done by the Wolves.

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