Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prince Fielder To Nationals?

Buster Onley pointed out today that there is growing speculation around the MLB that the Nationals will be the front runners for Prince Fielder this offseason. He says the main reason is the Nationals recent ties to Scott Boras (Fielder's agent). The Nationals have signed Anthony Rendon, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, along with Jayson Werth.

While I understand why people would think this I have to question if the Nationals would have the money. We listed the other day the teams that are in debt, and the Nationals were on that list. From a baseball perspective it makes a lot of sense, I just question if they can swing the money to do it. Plus, if Werth was worth $126 million what the hell is Boras going to try to get from the Nationals.

Fielder's price tag has been going down over the last couple years. Not because of his play, but because a lot of the major markets have their first baseman signed up long term (Yankees, Red Sox). I wonder if the Cardinals can't sign Pujols if they could swoop in and have Fielder be a very nice replacement.

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