Friday, June 10, 2011

Purple patch: Coleen Rooney soaks up sun in mauve bikini as Wayne keeps sore £30,000 hair transplant out of the rays


Beach bunny: Coleen Rooney spent her day soaking up the sun yesterday - as husband Wayne kept out of the Rays to protect his new hair transplant

At £30,000, it's quite an expensive hair do - so it stands to reason that Wayne Rooney is staying out of the sun to protect his new hair transplant, despite being on holiday in sunny Barbados.

In fact, it seems that the striker's wife Coleen, 25, is soaking up enough sun for two of them instead.

As the pair embarked on day three of their family holiday in Barbados, Coleen spent another day prone on a sunbed as Wayne, 25, kept himself indoors and out of the UV rays while looking after their little boy Kai.

Coleen also debuted yet another new bikini with an abstract mauve pattern - as if to send the message that she and her husband are definitely having a purple patch right now.

The WAG and fashion designer was also seen showing off her bikini body in the sunshine and relaxed her regime to enjoy an ice cold beer in the tropical heat.

New growth: Wayne posted up a picture to show how his hair transplant had progressed - but his head looked a bit purple

Meanwhile, Wayne showed off the latest stirrings on his scalp by posting up a picture on his Twitter page - naturally, taken indoors at their £5m Caribbean mansion.

However, though the Manchester United and England star claimed that it was settling down, it still looked rather sore and after time spent in the sun without a hat, a little sunburned.

Though Wayne has mostly been keeping it covered with a baseball hat, he's still been spotted out on the sands with his barnet bare.

However, he wrote: 'The new hair is coming on people. Swelling gone down #hairwego .'

Caribbean queen: Coleen keeps some water and suncream close by as she enjoys her day on the beach too

His wife Coleen had revealed that the temperatures were a bit much for her husband anyway, writing on her Twitter: 'On the beach, too hot for wayne ha! #hothothot'
Experts warn that too much exposure to rays so soon after the operation could cause the grafts to fail or even change the colour of the hair to make the plugs more noticeable.

In fact, some surgeons recommend keeping the transplant out of direct sunlight for a minimum of four months.

This is because any site where the skin has been cut becomes more sensitive to light, particularly ultraviolet.

Taking care of business: The designer and mother-of-one can't help checking out her emails however

The new plugs also can't protect themselves from over exposure to UV rays and the sun can prevent the transplanted follicles from establishing to their new blood supply - leading them to die.

One hair transplant surgeon told a hair loss website: 'I had a patient who received a sunburn within a month after his transplant.

'He visited the office because of the swelling and asked me to treat it. What I noticed was that while the skin around the transplants became VERY red, the sites where the grafts were implanted were totally WHITE.'

Back to baby: Coleen calls it a day on the beach and returns to the Rooney residence to see husband Wayne and baby Kai

The patient had to be treated with steroids in a desperate move to ease his discomfort - and thankfully saved his new hair.

Meanwhile, despite the designer bikinis, Coleen was keeping it real when she and Wayne went out to dinner last night as her parents looked after baby Kai.

She posted a picture of herself on her Twitter page wearing one of her own designs for catalogue firm Littlewoods.

She wrote: 'Just leaving for dinner in barbados in my Coleen (littlewoods) dress!!!;

Yummy mummy: Coleen debuted a black bikini while carrying baby Kai in Barbados yesterday and a black and white striped number on the first day of their holidays

source: dailymail

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