Friday, June 3, 2011

Shaq WILL Comeback Next Year

Have we seen the last of Shaq? I seriously doubt it after listening Shaq today...

"A little bit of both. Business-wise, I felt that the Boston organization and the people of Boston treated me very, very well. I could have gotten a little minor surgery and then been out for nine months, but then we would have been in the same situation again, everybody sitting around waiting for me. So, I thought it was great business to let Danny [Ainge] go out and get some younger talent."

Added O'Neal: "I didn't want to let the people of Boston down two years in a row."

Asked if he's 100 percent certain that he will stay retired, Shaq coyly replied: "For now, yes (WEEI)."

If that wasn't enough here is what Ainge had to say...

Celtics general manager Danny Ainge isn't sure if Shaq's done playing in the NBA.

"Oh, I don't know," Ainge told the Boston Herald. "I don't know. I would not say that. I mean, hopefully Shaq can get his body healthy and then reconsider."

Ainge then added, "I can tell you that even if he's still out when we start next year, he's a guy I'll be making a phone call to at some time during the season. But I believe what he's saying now is real (ESPN)."

Is it just me or does this sound like a perfect situation for a comeback?

Sit back and think about it. The Celtics are a top seed next year in the East. It's KG's Allen's, and Jermaine's last year with the Celtics. The last run for the old guys. Just before the playoffs start. Suddenly like a hurricane Big Old Shaq comes through the door to give them the final piece. One last time for an era that is ending. Playoffs start... Old vs. Young. Sounds like a movie right? Shaq loves movies. What a better way for him to go out, and trust me that's just how Shaq thinks (plus it sounds like Ainge is on board).

I just think with all the "not wanting to let down Boston again", and how he "really enjoyed his time here", listening to all of that makes me think he is coming back. Sure, you can point out that I bought into Sheed coming back, but there is a difference here. The Celtics LIKE Shaq.

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