Sunday, June 12, 2011

So that's how she got off the baby weight! Ali Larter straps on baby Theo and takes him hiking with her


Novel: Ali Larter strapped on her five-month-old baby Theo on her chest and took him hiking with her to Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles yesterday

Many new mothers struggle to find the time to fit in exercise to get off the baby weight let alone worrying about finding a child minder.

But actress Ali Larter has found a novel way to kill two birds with one stone
and took her five-month-old baby Theo out for a hike with her yesterday.

Content: Baby Theo seemed to enjoy his walk and getting some fresh air

The Heroes star looked happy and content as she got in her exercise of the day while spending quality time with her son.

She looked in great shape and showed off her toned legs in a pair of workout shorts and a matching sweater.

Ali was joined on the trip by her friend and fellow actress, Scrubs star Amy Smart who she caught up with on the afternoon walk.

Girlfriends: Ali also managed to catch up with her friend Scrubs star Amy Smart for the afternoon walk

Two birds with one stone: The pair chatted it up while Ali lovingly held her son's hand

The two women also sneaked in some girlfriend time and caught up on the latest news as they pounded the trail.

Ali recently revealed that she managed to get back into amazing shape less than six months after giving birth to Theo, her son with husband Hayes MacArthur, by Pilates and yoga but admitted it was hard to find the time.

She said: 'From the morning through night, I just wear my workout clothes so that if I can grab a half an hour here or there then I’m ready to go.

Prepared: The Heroes star says she wears her workout gear all day every day so she can get in her exercise whenever she can

‘For a lot of new moms, they don’t have someone to watch the baby, so you put him in a stroller and you just go.

‘You can walk for an hour or two hours. It gives the baby a nap. The fresh air is so important. Get yourself outside, get yourself in nature when you can.’

Ali recently old OK magazine that becoming a new mother was 'humbling'.

Fighting to stay fit: Ali says she's lost her baby weight by doing yoga and getting out into nature to do exercise whenever she can

'Everything is out of your control. I lived a regimented life, and I was working all the time and keeping a schedule.

'A baby laughs at all that. It's his world now, and I'm on his train,' she said.
She also says that she wishes someone had told her how hard it would be to leave a new bundle of joy.

'Never leave your baby,' Ali laughed. 'Like most mothers in this country, working moms... you have to go back to work. But it's very, very difficult. The love is greater than anything I've ever felt.'

source: dailymail

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