Monday, June 13, 2011

Sounds Like Howard Wants Out Of Orlando

A lot was made last month when Dwight Howard came out and said he wants to stay in Orlando. Not too many of us believed it, and we aren't the only ones...

From Howard-Cooper: "Howard reaffirmed his desire to stay with the Magic, but told on Monday that he will definitely become a free agent rather than sign an extension in the next year and also left open the possibility he would reconsider his future in Orlando if the team does not win the title next season ... In a one-on-one interview afterward, though, he made it clear he is not happy with the collective personality of Orlando's roster and that changes need to be made."

I can't blame him a all. I think the Magic are no where close to winning anything, so if I was him I would take off. They have ruined that roster taking on terrible contracts, and I think they are only going to get worse. So, now comes the obvious question of where he will land. There have already been rumors of the Heat trading Lebron for Howard. Although from a basketball sense it makes sense, since he would probably fit better, and combining Howard and Bosh would be pretty special (as DP said while we talked about this). I just don't see the Heat having the balls to do it.

A team that makes a lot of sense are the Nets. Him and Williams being in New York seem like a perfect match. For all the Boston fans, yea I think there is a chance he comes here also. Bottom line I can see him a lot of places, just not Orlando.

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