Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yemenis delight as Saleh exits but battle is going on

A largest numbers of people in Yemen are enjoying the exit of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Saudi Arabia.
He gone on Saturday to be treated for wounds he obtained in an assault on his presidential compound on Friday. Several people in the capital, Sanaa's University Square; others were on the streets chanting and waving flags.
But blasts and fighting have also taken place in Sanaa and Taiz in the south. It remains not clear whether Mr. Saleh will come back to Yemen.
His exit leaves him in a much undermined position. A revolt challenging that Mr. Saleh leave power has led to fighting, bringing Yemen close to civil war.
Yemen's acting president earlier the vice-president who under the law restores Mr. Saleh in his nonappearance, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, has taken over, including command of the armed forces and security services.
He has held discussions with the US ambassador in Yemen in what will be appeared as assistance for the transferring of power. Blasts and fighting noises have been heard in the city, with news reporter reporting renewed fighting between Yemeni military and fighters of President Saleh's opponent Ahmar tribe.
Almost five people were murdered in a grenade assault at a military compound north of Sanaa. An army founded within the army's fist division - led by Gen Ali Mohsen who has defected to the resistance has told a bomb blasted in the compound by fault.
Four Yemeni soldiers were executed in an assault in the southern city, Taiz - another spotlight of anti-government demonstrations. One of the demonstrators also killed in the gunfight.
The commander of French Forces in East Africa, whose command region cover up Yemen, told he had equipped an emigration plan for French and other foreign citizens if fighting carry on.
President Saleh is accounted to have gone with 35 members of his family, as well as his wife, as well as the prime minister and the speaker of the Yemeni parliament.
But his son, Ahmad, and his nephews, Ammar and Yehia, who are Mr. Saleh's armed commandants, are reported not to unmoved from the country.
Ahmad is the commander of the elite Republican Guard, and other family members organize the security and intelligence units.
Ammar and Yehia have obliged with the US in combating terrorism. Many in Yemen think their presence in this transitional period is necessary and greeted by regional and worldwide powers.
 Mr. Saleh escaped to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Saturday after being targeted by shrapnel three inches (7.6cm) underneath the heart in an assault on the presidential compound on Friday.
The compound's mosque is considered to have been targeted by rockets, though there are advises somebody may have fixed a bomb there.
Saudi Arabia’s sources said Mr. Saleh walked off the plane, although injuries his head, face and neck were noticeably obvious.
Ambiguity enclosed his whereabouts for much of Saturday.
A Gulf nation embassy source told that the move to shift Mr. Saleh to Riyadh was taken after Saudi doctors asked a German medical team.
Government authorities have blamed military tribesmen linked to Mr. Saleh's rivals of carrying out the assault on the mosque, which died seven people. However, they have rejected it.


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