Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Sox, 4 Orioles

Last night was home run derby against Baltimore and more importantly moved back into 1st place.

The 7th inning was fun to watch as the Sox hit half of their 6 home runs. The 7th featured back to back to back home runs with David Ortiz's solo-homer, followed by Josh Reddick, and then finished with Salty. Pedroia hit the first home run of the game in the third then A Gon hit a solo shot in the 5th, giving the Red Sox the 5-3 lead. Ellsbury continued his hot streak, hitting a monster 2-run home run to right in the 6th.

With the huge offensive explosion 1 person didn't record a hit, want a clue..... his name rhymes with poo.

Andrew Miller had a weird game, he went 5 didn't K anyone and let up 3 ers.

Oh well we're back in 1st place.

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