Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beltran An Option For Red Sox RF Woes?

Carlos Beltran has long been rumored as someone the Sox could go after at the deadline. The Mets will look to move him, because he is a free agent at the end of the year is still owed $6MM by the time the trade deadline rolls around. I keep going back and forth on this. For one the Mets would have to each some of that money for the Sox to even take a look, on top of that what would the Sox have to give up for a 1/2 season of service?

From a baseball standpoint Beltran could bring a lot. He is a good fielder, and gives you a much better option in the lineup then JD Drew. Beltran is having a nice year for himself (.285 13 HRs 57 RBIs). What is also interesting that he is a type A free agent, so if the Sox got him they could get a 1st round pick as compensation if they didn't resign him.

I still this Cuddyer is more likely, and the most likely scenario is that they will do nothing, but it's something to at least keep an eye on.

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