Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big fat Geek wedding! Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau announces engagement

By Holly Thomas

He recently beat Helen Milligan, Susan Ma and Jim Eastwood to be named winner of The Apprentice 2011 and £250, 000 to start up his business in partnership with Lord Alan Sugar.

And it seems Tom's luck didn't stop there.

The 31-year-old inventor has just become engaged to fellow engineer and self proclaimed 'big geek' Sarah Fawcus, who he met three weeks before filming for The Apprentice began.

Joy: Tom has had a fantastic month, winning The Apprentice 2011 and becoming engaged to 'fellow geek' Sarah Fawcus

Despite the show's full-on schedule, the couple's romance blossomed throughout the making of the hit programme.

It's possible that this distraction was what led to Tom's dubious record of being the 'biggest losing' Apprentice winner in the history of the show.

Tom lost eight out of eleven tasks, the most of any candidate ever to make the final.

He proposed in June, and the couple have already started planning their wedding.

Tom told the Sun: ‘We are both big geeks and the wedding is going to be incredible fun.'

‘I am very fortunate that I met Sarah before all of this started. She is an engineer as well so she is very well grounded.’

Tom has been received by the public as one of the 'nicest' candidates ever to win the Apprentice.

Hurrah! Tom cheered his victory as he left The Apprentice headquarters (right) and again as he arrived to be interviewed by Dara O'Brien (left)

Finalists: (L-R) Tom Pellereau (winner), Helen Milligan, Susan Ma and Jim Eastwood

He is dyslexic, which he told Dara O'Brien on Sunday's The Apprentice: You're Hired made deciding what to do what his life much easier, saying he 'always knew' he would work in science.

Tom was thrilled and surprised when he won, since the favourite for the prize was highly organized Helen Milligan.

Tom shared the news immediately with his now-fiancée: ‘As soon as I heard I had won I spoke to her – she thinks it is all mad and insane.’

New partners: Fellow 'product man' Lord Alan Sugar will inject £250,000 into Tom's business

Tom's business plan, which bagged him the prize, was for a company that designs chairs to ease back pain for office workers.

Lord Sugar said that he felt the plan needed a lot of tweaking, but that Tom's inventing side appealed to him because he, like Tom, is a 'product man'.

‘I am a product man in my heart. I've made products and sold them to retailers, that's in my blood and that's what Tom is all about,' said Lord Sugar.

Close contest: Organised Helen was the hot favourite during the final, but Tom's talent for invention won the day


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