Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birds of a Feather cry together: Tearful live TV reunion for Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke

By Georgina Littlejohn

Reunited: Pauline Quirke is surprised by old friend and former Birds of a Feather co-star Linda Robson on This Morning

They've not been together on screen for more than a decade.

So it was a tearful reunion for Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke today as the Birds of a Feather came together again on TV.

Quirk burst into tears as Linda came on as a surprise guest while her former co-star was conducting an interview on This Morning.

Although they have stayed close friends since the sitcom finished, the two ladies, who played sisters on the popular BBC show in the Nineties, got emotional as they hugged and smiled warmly at each other.

Quirke, 52, was a guest on the daytime show talking about her recent weight loss, which saw her shed seven stone in just over six months.

She also spoke about her role on Emmerdale before presenter Eamonn Holmes said: 'Well it's the end of another era of your life and tributes have been coming in... lets get one now from a famous old actress!'

Get over here, you! Quirke bursts into tears as Robson makes her entrance

I was worried: Quirke said her recent texts to Robson - who hadn't even texted her on her birthday yesterday - had been ignored

Quirke's former Birds co-star Lesley Joseph, left a tribute for her old friend via video.

She said: 'Pauline Quirke you look absolutely fantastic! I am now going to have to start my diet! You look brilliant. I can't wait to see you and wouldn't it be great if you, Linda and I could all get together and do something? Maybe next year? Shall we watch this space?'

Quirke said: 'I love the bones of her I really do - and she hasn't aged a day.'

Give us a hug: Robson opens her arms to a tearful Qurike

Flocking together: Quirke looked very emotional as she embraced her old friend

But there was one more surprise for Quirke when Eammon brought Linda on to the set, prompting Quirke to burst into tears.

Quirke, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, said: 'I've been texting her and everything and this morning I thought it's the first time she's never rung or anything for my birthday!

'And I text her because I'm renewing my wedding vows next month and she's not back to me and I was just going to text today to ask are you "are you OK" because I was worried!'

Sisterly love: Robson and Quirke as Tracey and Sharon on the Birds of a Feather set

Linda laughed and said: 'I was worried I'd put my foot in it! You look fantastic, you really do... and I've been hiding in a wardrobe all morning!

'But I've never seen her look this good before - she's always been beautiful. Maybe it'll spur me on to do something now.'

Birds of a Feather ran on the BBC from 1990 to 1998 and was a comedy sitcom showing the lives of sister Sharon (Quirke) and Tracey (Robson) and their maneater next-door neighbour Dorien, played by Joseph.

Three's not a crowd: Robson and Quirke with their Birds co-star Lesley Joseph


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