Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blow-up Sex Doll = 8 Years In Jail

"When 18-year-old Tyell Morton put a blow-up sex doll in a bathroom stall on the last day of school, he didn't expect school officials to call a bomb squad or that he'd be facing up to eight years in prison and a possible felony record.

A janitor at Rushville Consolidated High School saw Morton run away from the school May 31, and security footage showed a person in a hooded sweatshirt and gloves entering the school with a package and leaving five minutes later without it, according to court documents.

Administrators feared explosives, so they locked down the school and called police. K9 dogs and a bomb squad searched the building before finding the sex doll.

Morton was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and institutional criminal mischief, a felony that carries the potential of two to eight years in prison (MSNBC - Indiana)."

Wow, overreact much?

I can understand the initial response, and I can even understand that they are pissed off at this kid, but suspend him. There is no reason for this kid to have a record/jail time for putting a sex doll in a bathroom stall. These are the types of things that fuck up our generation so much. You fuck up in the slightest and it's on your record for good. Imagine when this kid is applying for a job and he has to try to explain this. He shouldn't even have to, and the fact that the state is going to waste money going after this poor kid is appalling.

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