Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BMack Is Pumped Cano Beat Gonzalez In The Derby

I don't know when it happened, but Bob turned into a Yankee fan a long time ago, right when he traded for Robinson Cano. Once he did that reality and fantasy combined into one and clouded the young Macks mind and our once loyal Red Sox fan turned into a Yankee loving snob. A couple of examples, when we were watching players that he didn't mind and he was blushing when he started talking about Cano, then we were AT Fenway and he was filling out a All Star ballot and I don't know who he picked at catcher, but he picked Adrian for 1st which is great and I thought he was reformed, and THEN he picked Cano for 2nd. I almost lost my shit, I took it an ripped it up and he reprimanded me about how Cano is great and shit.

So when it came to last night during the derby, it was no surprise that BMack was supporting Cano over our Adrian Gonzalez. When Cano hit that 12th homerun, he stood up and was running all over his house, and twittered about it congratulating Cano.

So the question I ask of our readers, because of what BMack has shown in support of the Yankees does that make him a traitor?

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