Thursday, July 21, 2011

Britney Spears Being Sued For Farting

Earlier today, rumors circulated that one of Brit Brit's former (and very briefly employed) bodyguards had lobbed a fresh set of complaints against her, alleging that she engaged in lewd and unhygienic behavior in front of him, including that she blatantly picked her nose, refused to shower, didn't brush her teeth and, the piece de resistant, had a little (OK, a big) gas problem. More

Well even if this isn't true, this probably killed Britney Spears for me. The biggest turnoff for me is having a girl fart. I don't have many standards but a girl farting is the fucking worst. SO if I was this body guard I'm on board with this lawsuit and think she owes him more than 10 million dollars. But from an outsider I also find this hysterical. Imagine being a body guard, having Britney fart on you and be unapologetic. pretty funny.

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