Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Bruins Are Doomed, My Short Lived Bruins Fanhood Is Over

(One thing I have learned over the years, you don't let ESPN front page players go)

Michael Ryder signed with the Dallas Stars for a reported $7 million over two years on the first day of NHL free agency. The 31-year-old forward had 41 points in the regular season and was fourth on the team in playoff scoring, including three goals and three assists in the Stanley Cup finals against the Canucks. ESPN

I know I'm not really a hockey fan, but I became a Michael Ryder fan about 3 years ago and the Bruins just made the biggest mistake of their franchise by letting this stud go. Michael Ryder single handedly won them the Stanley Cup. He was great in the playoffs and the Bruins wouldn't have even made it there if it wasn't for him. He made Tyler Seguins career, he made that 3rd line as dangerous as the 1st (Him and Seguin were like Jordan and Pippen out there), and he made a game winning save even Tim Thomas couldn't get. Actually, he probably should have won the Vezina trophy based on that alone. He was the 2nd most important Bruin in this whole postseason behind Tim Thomas. Michael Ryder was the heart and soul of this team and they were fucking dumb to let him go on the 1st day of free agency. I hope when the Dallas Stars come back he makes them pay for this crucial mistake and disrespect they showed him.

Go Stars!

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