Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Call that a kiss? The stars and their lukewarm smooches

By Daily Mail Reporter

The Ice Kiss: Prince Albert has his eyes open during his wedding in Monaco. He's checking she hasn't bolted again. Princess Charlene has her eyes are closed. She's hoping that he has

Finally we saw the kiss that told the world the truth, and it wasn’t good.

After a week of rumours about whether South African bride Charlene Wittstock would make it up the aisle with Prince Albert of Monaco, the royal couple wed at the weekend, with a distinctly off-centre embrace.

For while you can fake many things in a marriage, kissing isn’t one of them — as these lukewarm celebrity smooches prove.

The 'All About Me': Forget fiancee Mezghan Hussainy, Simon Cowell thinks he can see his reflection in the window, while Madonna might have been thinking it was time to tell Guy Ritchie she wanted a divorce

The 'Sorry I Didn't See You There': Liz Hurley tries a reconciliation kiss with Hugh Grant. Alas, his wandering eye is looking elsewhere . Meanwhile, Heather Mills looks ready to take a vampire's bite out of Paul McCartney

The Tantric Kiss: Can Sting and Trudie Styler make this kiss last over nine hours? Elsewhere, Neil Hamilton nervously puckers up to battleaxe Christine like and insect that knows its place in the food chain

The Missed Target: Jeffrey Archer checks to see if wife Mary is as fragrant as ever. But is she embracing him, or pushing him away? Helen Mirren’s spouse Taylor Hackford surely didn't mean to plant a smacker on her eye

The Cherie Chaser: Tony Blair grins and bears it as Cherie demonstrates how he should have hung on to power, while Gordon Brown shows that it's not just politics he can get wrong


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