Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheryl receives Ashley Cole’s offer to marry him again

Ashley Cole is set to ask Cheryl to marry him once more with a third wedding ring, it was reported last night.


The couple have evidently obtained back together after she was abandoned as a judge on the new X Factor USA show.

Ms Cole - who married Ashley in July 2006 - is said to have got rid of her first wedding ring in 2008 after he was accused to have had a love affair with hairdresser Aimee Walton.

A second ring he acquired was then neglected after a string of more affairs were reported.
Now he is considered to be about to purchase a third ring to offer once again after their divorce 10 months ago.

They are also allegedly thinking sharing a home again at the £6million Surrey house they once lived in as a couple.

Though, Mr Cole, 30, whose suspected affairs were said to be behind the collapse of the marriage, is reported to have fixed that his ex-wife’s mother has been excluded from moving in with them.

The pair was photographed sharing what showed to be a display of warmth at her 28th birthday party on Friday night.

Mr. Cole, the England footballer, was reportedly pressurized to slip into the event hidden in a car to shield him from photographers.

Ms Cole currently got headlines for cutting her hair and dyeing it blonde.

Her mother, Joan Callaghan, was said to have been a regular presence during the marriage.
When she stimulated into her own wing of the Surrey property, the footballer was said to have been “pleased”.

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