Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Designer Ciprian Cooks up Ford Cobra 'Snakehead' Concept

Wow, what a sleek design! I love the 77' Stingray rear side profile homage....
A new Ford concept has been released courtesy of designer Andrus Ciprian, dubbed the Cobra Snakehead.

The concept draws inspriation from past and current Ford models, so it fits in with the brand’s existing line up. Yet Ciprian adds some strong lines and distinctive features that make this one outstanding car.

The exterior leaves a lasting impression. Its rear end draws parallels with the first GT40′s, and the body also boasts massive wheel arches and other bold styling elements. Ford’s latest Focus model has some influence that can be seen in the front end. On the inside of the concept, two seats are divided by an excessive center console so each person gets the feel of a cockpit of their own.

To power the Cobra Snakehead, the designer suggests that a front mounted V8 would be fitting.

We hope Ford will take this concept into consideration for future models. The exterior design elements can certainly lend themselves to mass appeal, where as the interior concept may only work for some enthusiasts.


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