Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaga for The Simpsons? Singer takes inspiration from Marge, opting for a giant neon green conehead like animated star


Don't topple over: Lady Gaga steps out in her wackiest hairstyle to date, with a pair of strange sunglasses, at Singapore press conference

She certainly wasn't Born This Way, but Lady Gaga has taken inspiration from kooky animated character Marge Simpson.

The Paparazzi singer showcased a giant green conehead during a press conference in Singapore, ahead of her concert at the Marina Bay Sands.

Her neon hairdo appeared to weigh her down, with the 25-year-old reclining on a sofa for the duration of the event.

Although, judging from her footwear, her diva demands to stay seated on a leather throne may have largely been due to her heel-less platforms.

The New Yorker tottered along in gravity-defying shoes, decorated with metal studs, a beige PVC wedge and plastic casing.

Lady of leisure: Singer reclines on a sofa during a press conference in Singapore

She teamed the hair and shoes with an ill-fitting dress that appeared to be made from cheap felt and raided from a dressing-up box.

The shapeless item - along with her white gloves - were also reminiscent of fictional characters, this time instead of Springfield inhabitants though, it was Toy Story's Mr Potato Head and Disney's Mickey Mouse.

Green with envy: Lady Gaga showcases a Marge Simpson inspired hairstyle

During her conference, Gaga looked happy and in high spirits with plenty of smiles and posing.

But when she was awarded with a plaque in recognition of her digital album and CD sales from the President of Universal Music Group International, Sandy Monteiro, she looked decidedly bored.

Conehead: Marge pictured with Charlie Heathbar, voiced by Ricky Gervais, and his son during a wife-swap reality show episode

Notably, she had to stand to accept the prize so perhaps she was struggling to stay upright in the enormous platforms.

Earlier this week, the popstar, real name Stefani Germanotta, stepped out again in typically unsuitable daily attire.

Gaga opted for another pair of towering shoes and a black lace cat suit as she headed to a yoga studio in Taiwan.

Gaga for fashion: New Yorker is notorious for her eccentric tastes

Bored, love?: Gaga looked unimpressed when the President of Universal Music Group International presented her with a plaque

Salute: Lady G stood in front of a giant picture of herself during press conference

source :dailymail

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