Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gilbert Brown Signs With A Foreign Team

Pitt guard Gilbert Brown has signed with German team S. Oliver Wurzburg of the Bundesliga (BBL), the nation's top basketball league.

The 6-foot-6, 210-pound Brown said he won't leave for Europe until August, and that depends on the status of the NBA lockout.

"If the lockout ends early, I probably won't even go," he said. "It's basically an insurance policy so I'm not waiting around for the lockout to end."

Brown, who said a clause in his contract allows him to leave Germany after the lockout ends without penalty, worked out with the Boston Celtics last week.

I mean the Celtics were really close to drafting this kid in the 2nd round, but the coin landed on E'Twaan Moore. But I don't blame him at all with the impending strike lurking. But it's a pretty sweet deal as if there isn't a lockout, he can break his contract without penalty and stay here and if there is one he can head over. Like many 2nd round rookies, i doubt he would be that impactful, but the Celtics need people.

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