Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls, Uninterrupted: Angelina Jolie beams with delight as her daughters Shiloh and Zahara skip along during a shopping trip

By Daily Mail Reporter

Playful: Angelina Jolie takes her girls Shiloh and Zahara shopping in LA

Who needs the boys? From the beams on their faces, Angelina Jolie and daughters Shiloh and Zahara weren't missing the men in their lives much.

The Tomb Raider actress smiled as her two girls skipped playfully in the street during a shopping trip in sunny LA.

Little Vivienne was the only female of the Jolie-Pitt clan missing, but it was a testosterone-free day without Brad, Maddox, Pax or Knox.

Little early for Halloween? Scruffy Shiloh carries a devil fork and cuddly toys

Dressed in her trademark favourite colour black, Angelina wore a loose sweatshirt and resembled any ordinary mother with her hair scraped back and carrying the shopping bags.

The trio visited vintage clothing and costume shop Ozzie Dots, with Shiloh holding a devil fork - despite it being a little early for Halloween.

While six-year-old Zahara dashed around in jeans and a girly vest top, her younger sister was dressed in her typical tomboy attire.

The blonde five-year-old wore baggy shorts and a shirt to match, sporting some bruises or dirt on her legs.

But the Oscar-winner is used to her rugrats roughing it, admitting her sons got hooked on eating insects during a recent trip to Cambodia.

She said: 'My boys love to eat crickets. It’s their favourite thing.

'When I first gave it to them... I wanted them to not be turned-off by something that wasn’t (part of) their culture.

'So I bought them... and they ate them like Doritos.

'And they wouldn’t stop and they brought to-go boxes home.

'And then I had to actually ban the cricket-eating at a certain point because I was afraid they were going to get sick from eating too many… But they’re good!'

Angelina met partner Brad Pitt on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith in 2005, with the couple now boasting a brood of six.

Their eldest Maddox, now nine, was adopted from Cambodia in 2002 by Angelina as a single parent - despite still being married to then-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

She later adopted Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005, also as a solo parent, before Brad applied to be their legal father too.

In May 2006, their first biological child Shiloh came along, followed swiftly by the adoption of their Vietnamese son Pax.

The final addition to the team arrived in July 2008, with the birth of biological twins Knox and Vivienne, named after Jolie's mother.

High spirits: Angelina carried shopping bags as her daughters entertained her

Bonding: The girls can't stop smiling during a day trip without the boys

The 36-year-old is thrilled with how easily she has taken to motherhood.

Angelina said: 'It’s been one of the great surprises of my life.

'When I was younger I never imagined being a mother and then those maternal feelings really evolved and deepened once I began adopting and started living with Brad, which made me want to have children of our own.

'I feel truly at ease when I know I’ve helped give them a safe and hopeful life.

'A big family can generate a lot of chaos, but it’s also a source of inner peace - the best feeling in the world.

'I’m much less anxious about life and so much more light-hearted and carefree.'

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