Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Happy Ending Interview

Johnny Ramey, Helen Hayes award winner for best actor, and the star of "A Happy Ending" gave us five minutes to pick his brain. This is interesting being as DC is a heavily biased Boston sports site, while Johnny Ramey is a die hard Laker fan. We agreed to not get nasty with each other until the interview was over, then after that, no holds bar.

Q. You play the lead in A Happy Ending, how'd that come about?
A. I think the Director and Producers were drunk when they took me on...Ha. But really, it was like any other audition call- they gave me a chance to come in and talk with them about the project, and they risked big. But big risks equal big rewards.

Q. You graduated from Juilliard…what was that experience like for you?
A. The hardest 4 years of life, and yet I had some of the greatest moments of my life while there. I entered Juilliard as a California boy, that never stepped foot on the east coast. So, my 1st day at Juilliard, was my first day in NYC. So obviously, I was blown away, and wanted to take advantage of the best city in the world. The first year and and a half at Juilliard... I did not study, partied a bit much, and tried my hardest to talk to as many gorgeous Ballerinas as I could! It caught up to me- they made a few threats on kicking me out, if I don't get it together- So I did. And it was one of the best decisions I've made in the past few years.

Q. What made you decide to go?
A. My boy dared me to audition... I thought I was going to be a Psychiatrist. I had a semester left until getting my BS degree- And I'm the type to never turn down a good dare! Fast forward... I killed the audition, they asked me to be 1 of the 18 that are accepted each year into the program. So, I had to make a decision: 1) Be a Doctor with a solid bank account, or 2) Be a actor, with a negative bank account?? I chose to live on the edge, and chose option 2.

Q. In the trailers for A Happy Ending, Brandon seems to be undefined as to what his role in all this is. Will the movie answer that for us?
A. If a wild night out for you is visiting your grandmothers house... Then Brandon is on the opposite end of that. Brandon's role deals with being his own protagonist & antagonist. Its a hell of a roller coaster he goes on, and his story lines build to a climax, that not only fits in with the rest of the movie, but will blow your mind...

Q. Tell us something about your character, Brandon, that we should know going into the film.
A. He is one of those friends, that seem to always have a great time out, but when you catch them in a moment alone (perhaps leaning against the wall, away from everyone else), you know he is battling mental demons. Brandon is fun. He is love. He is an artist. He is tortured. He is, more than anything, Curious.

Q. Without giving any details you may not want to give, what scene was the most fun to shoot?
A. I had to do a painting, that was time lapsed, for 6 hours straight. In the movie, those 6 hours are condensed down to 1 minute. Seeing that actualize was amazing.

Q. Are you anything like this character in real life?
A. Yeah. Brandon and I share a sense of adventure. A sense of danger. A sense of "F-IT!!" attitude. Brandon's a "Why Not?" guy, and so am I.

Q. What are you up to in your career right now?
A. I'm doing an off-broadway show in NYC right now. A play written by a Juilliard grad, Kara Corthron. Its called Julius By Design. I'd compare it to a full-throttle, knuckle dragging, 14 round heavy-weight fight. It's a tough play. The subject matter deals with a family losing their son, to a senseless murder, but it's also humorous at points. Can't be too dark all the time!!

Q. Anything else you want to say about the movie?
A. Nawh Son!!

Q. Is it true that during your acceptance speech during the Helen Hayes award for best actor you thanked the Lakers?
A. Correction... The Best Damn Basket Ball Team in the history of the NBA!! And yes, I did thank them, and dedicated my first born to the prolonged dominance over the NBA, especially OVER the wheel chair prone Celtics... C'mon Son!! SHAQ!!!!!!!!! That's who you choose to get you over the hump last season???!! The Celts are a disgrace. I FEEL SICK.

Q. Do you think the Lakers can compete with that old ass team they have?
A. You're a disgrace for even asking this question... I feel like throwing up on myself right now. That's how disgusted I am with this line of questioning. OLD?? You guys have 1.5 players on your team that compete, plus Doc Rivers. Doc and Rondo was trying to give you guys heart this past season, the Celts didn't want it. Boston lost their swag.

Q. Last question, this You realize we hate you because you're a Laker fan, and there is likely many slander articles and photoshopped picture of you and Kobe to follow this…you cool with that?
A. As long as my Mom doesn't see it I'm cool... Hey, I realize that when you're on top, crabs(AKA Boston Celtics) at the bottom of the barrel will try to keep you down. Do your worst!! The more you hate on me, the more my truth will reign!! LAKER NATION BABY!!

My final thoughts. Johnny Ramey is a cool dude and a great actor. When it comes to basketball he's obviously delusional. This man suffers from LID beter known as Laker Insanity Disorder. First diagnosed in 2008 when Paul Pierce left the game in a wheel chair only to return for an MVP performance. Really the proof is in the answer above. He calls the Celtics old but Derek Fisher is old enough to be Rondo's grandfather. To quote the great Laker Magic Johnson.."Your team is only as young or as old as it's point guard. He controls the pace."

Everyone be on the lookout for "A Happy Ending," starting Johnny Ramey. Premieres July 14th. For tickets click the link thats follows.

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