Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have a nice strip... EastEnders boys leave Albert Square and head for a lap dancing club to cheer up jilted Fatboy

By Daily Mail Reporter

Cheer up, son!: Ian Beale and the Moon brothers Michael,Tyler and Anthony take Fatboy to a strip club to cheer him up

He was recently seen sobbing in the street after his wife Mercy left him to disappear into the unknown.

So EastEnders' cheeky chap Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb has been in dire need of cheering up.

With that in mind, his considerate friends from Albert Square organise an expedition out of Walford and make a beeline for a strip club.

Chin up, bruv!: Tyler Moon places a comforting arm around Fatboy as they make their way to the strip joint

Accompanied by Ian Beale, Michael Moon,Tyler Moon, and Anthony Moon - making his first appearance on the soap - Fatboy heads for the strip joint in his grey suit and pink shirt.

Meanwhile the rest of the gang, bar Michael, are a little underdressed.

And poor Fatboy appears to have a fat lip and a cut above his left eye too.

Your name's not down... Anthony holds Tyler back after they're turned away from the strip club

Well, my first lap dancing experience wasn't the best: Ian Beale chats with Michael Moon outside the club

So it's hardly a surprise when some of the group are turned away when they attempt to get into the club.

Tempestuous Tyler tries to fight with the club's bouncer but Anthony calms him down.

Finally, a composed Ian and Michael are allowed, while Fatboy and the younger Moon brothers have to head back to Albert Square with their tails between their legs.

High five!: The triumphant Moon brothers celebrate a little too early as they prepare to gain entry to the strip club

The Fatboy-Mercy saga came to a climax recently, with Mercy leaving for destination unknown leaving Fatboy bereft by a bus stop.

It's believed she returned to her native Nigeria, but Dot Cotton suggested she could have flown to Peru.

Mercy was threatened with deportation but Fatboy decided to try and help her stay by marrying her.


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