Monday, July 11, 2011

I Hope The NCAA Strikes Down With Great Vengeance And Furious Anger

Ohio State gave themselves a 2 year self imposed probation and decided to vacate all last years wins (12) and the victory they had in the Sugar Bowl slap on the wrist because of all the trouble for the tattoo parlor scandal that left them Jim Tressle and Terrelle Pryorless.

I think this is a bullshit self imposed fine and I hope when they meet with the NCAA they laugh in their faces and take away the passed 4 years of wins, suspend them from the postseason for the next 3 and take away 10 scholarships. What they are trying to do is smoke and mirrors to pretend like they took action, but they really didn't.

I think the NCAA will go two ways about this, the 1st is leave it as is and try to get passed this embarrassing event, or make an example of them and throw the book at them. And as an avid Ohio State hater, I hope it's the latter and I hope for some reason the sack wack Urban Meyer.

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